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2012 Holes In One
2012-01-26Bob Chitham9th149m.
2012-01-26Barry Tait3rd154m.
2012-01-27Helen Phillips3rd154m.
2012-01-29Graeme Magarry11th127m.
2012-03-24Paul Alberts11th127m.
2012-05-19Marion Wright16th132m.
2012-06-06David McTague4th165m.
2012-06-09Paul Bennett9th149m.
2012-08-04Steve Taylor16th132m.
2012-08-17David McTague11th127m.
2012-08-18Ross McConnell11th127m.
2012-09-16Bob Westerman3rd154m.
2012-10-05Larry Crawt11th127m.
2012-10-13Sue Job11th127m.
2012-10-23Bob Chitham16th132m.
2012-11-07Steve Taylor11th127m.
2012-11-10Barry Foxover11th127m.
2012-11-21Sam Lemura3rd154m.
2012-11-28Gary Castle16th132m.
Half Moon Bay in 2012
  • President: Matt Brading
  • Captain: Adam Rust

  • Layout: 18 Holes
  • Membership:

  • Some Other 2012 Winners...
  • US Masters: Bubba Watson
  • The Open: Ernie Els
  • Australian PGA: Daniel Popovic

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