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1970Brian Ledlie & K.YounesHarry Hastie
1971Brian LedlieJohn PendrighHarry Hastie
1972Brian LedlieJohn PendrighHarry Hastie
1973Brian LedlieK. YounnesHarry Hastie
1974Brian LedlieK. YounnesHarry Hastie
1975Brian LedlieK. YounnesHarry Hastie
1976Brian LedlieP. SutcliffeHarry Hastie
1977J.McElhinneyP. SutcliffeHarry Hastie
1978M.KretschmannT.NalderHarry Hastie
1979Brian LedlieK. YounnesHarry Hastie
1980F.KeysT.BarrRon Howarth
1981Phil DarbyC.MooreRon Howarth
1982Phil DarbyJ. FerrierDuncan Jackson
1983Phil DarbyJ.FerrierDuncan Jackson
1984S.J.S BoydJ.FerrierDuncan Jackson
1985J.FerrierA.SemmensDuncan Jackson
1986J.FerrierDon ThomsonDuncan Jackson
1987J.FerrierDon ThomsonDuncan Jackson
1988G.KnellA.SemmensDuncan Jackson
1989G.KnellA.SemmensDuncan Jackson
1990G.KnellA.SemmensDuncan Jackson
1991Don ThomsonGary LitherlandDuncan Jackson
1992Don ThomsonGary LitherlandN.Reed
1993Don ThomsonGary LitherlandN.Reed
1994Phil DarbyJack DempseyN.Reed
1995Phil DarbyGary Litherland & T.DoddsN.Reed
1996Phil DarbyD.AndersonTom Pyne
1997Ray ChalmersD.AndersonTom Pyne
1998Ray ChalmersJim FrancisTom Pyne
1999Ray ChalmersJim FrancisTom Pyne
2000Ray ChalmersJim FrancisTom Pyne
2001Maurie MitchellDave SlossRay Howarth
2002Tom UptonDave SlossRay Howarth
2003Tom UptonJim MayRay Howarth
2004Tom UptonPat Shay & Greg FerryRay Howarth
2005Greg FerryDave SlossRay Howarth
2006Greg FerryDave SlossRay Howarth
2007Greg FerryDave SlossRay Howarth
2008Greg FerryDave SlossRay Howarth
2009Matt BradingDave Sloss & Mark BlackRay Howarth
2010Matt BradingMark HegartyMargaret Cochrane
2011Matt BradingAdam Rust
2012Matt BradingAdam Rust
2013Matt BradingJeanette Gilliver
2014Greg BrowneJeanette Gilliver
2015Mike BurnettJeanette Gilliver
2016Mike BurnettJeanette Gilliver
2017Col McVieJim Thomson
2018Col McVieJim Thomson
2019Julianne McCarthyGary Litherland
2020Julianne McCarthyGary Litherland
2021J McCarthy / J HowarthGary Litherland
2022Gary LitherlandRod Kettle
2023Gary LitherlandRod Kettle
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